You may be wondering how we select and test our instructors. BI-Shift uses a set of criteria to qualify its instructors. These parameters and a summary of each are explained below:


Professional Experiences

Everyone's work records represent an important part of His / Her professional life. A certain level of work and professional experience is required to join BI Shift as an instructor. No person should be present as an instructor in our system without obtaining these approvals from the selection board of BI-Shift.


Professional Documents

Professional qualifications are one of the factors that can significantly help the instructor in the qualification process. This help is not only provided by university and academic degrees; but also can be given from practical and experiental experiences. Maybe it can be said that practical experience is more preferred.



If someone has an acceptable reputation in His / Her field of work and expertise, He / She can use this reputation as a shortcut to pass the BI Shift qualification process faster. Here; by reputation we don't mean acting as a celebrity, but we mean those who have pushed the boundaries of their professional life, however on a small level.


Users' Request

Our audience can send us their request to add an instructor; and we will try to add the requested natural or juridical person to BI Shift. A certain limit of requests by users can be one of the ways to qualify the instructor; because we believe that users' preferences are the criterion of correctness.


Based on a mixture of above scores, our instructor will be given a grade that will be 1, 2 or 3. Different prices of a course will be affected by the instructor’s grade.



If you think you can pass our qualification steps, check out "Become an Instructor" page.

We will answer you in the shortest time and we will be honored to host you in BI-Shift.