We are in an age where the speed of evolution of human knowledge and experience has gone beyond the framework of academic and formal education.


BI-Shift is a new actor to facilitate the proper circulation of skill-based knowledge at the upper and middle levels of emerging industries in the international arena. BI-Shift believes that in addition to the growth of business intelligence accumulation platforms, there should be platforms for controlled and profitable dissemination of this data.

Properly implemented, this phenomenon will not only lead to the growth of various industries in the medium term, but in the short term will lead to finding quality human resources for market leaders. In this way, branding and public relations planners of large companies and institutions will also use its positive natures.

The team of designers and developers of the BI-Shift with the backgrounds they had in different industries, chose the education industry to continue their entrepreneurial path, because they believed it could be the right answer to their main goals:

Efficiency, productivity and equity for a larger part of the human race. They know that in this risky path, they need the sympathy and empathy of education experts around the world. Let's be optimistic about this and introduce the team members:


Soheil Nour