The experiences of a person with a job at high governmental levels may be the most attractive and also the most useful experiences for others. A range of experiences that are very unpredictable and sometimes require quick decisions.

Perhaps the most important difference between the public sector and other sectors is the extent of the influence of their decisions. Decisions that can involve a large group of people and have direct or indirect effects on their work, life, etc. This makes the transfer of experience in this sector more necessary than in other sectors and it can lead to the transfer of the experience of elite people to others.

Knowing of and learning from these experiences is not only useful for Governmental workers, but for all people.

Bi-shift is a place where you can share the experiences with others and let them learn from them. If you think you have the right criteria for this transfer, contact us so take a look at "Become An Instructor" page. We can transfer these experiences to those who are interested with each other's help. Sign up as an instructor:


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