No different which kind of instructor you are (Company, Institute, Professor, or Government Section), in all modes you can become an Instructor through this page.
Here is a short look to this process. You can also find more information in the following lines.



Signup in BI-Shift

Signup in BI-Shift to start the process of being an instructor. Note that in the signup page you should register as an instructor.

Common understanding about the contract

Ask us for the contract. By studying and talking about it, both sides believe that we have understood each other's sensitivities in this field. Also, make sure of your income generation method. By signing contract our co-operation will be started officially and we will have the honor to count on you as our instructor.


Finalizing subject of the course.

By presenting the main topic of the course and its syllabi and obtaining confirmation from BI-Shift about its importance, its popularity and its syllabi and duration of the course, we can finalize the subject.



Executive order

You will receive the video recording instruction. Whether the course is live (Online Training section) or recorded (In-Person Training section), make sure that the recording location, ambient light, sound and image quality, etc. are in accordance with the instructions.


Sending recorded files

Send your recorded files to us via your panel. If any correction is needed, this will be done in coordination with you and finally we will upload them on the platform.



Based on the pricing tables, the financial value of the course is estimated and after your approval, the course will be ready to be officially available to users.


Completing profiles

Upload the set of details necessary to explain yourself, including work experience, academic records, achievements, etc. in your profile. Each course also has a profile. Complete the brief information about the course via your panel.


Course unveiling

After completing all the previous steps, the course will be officially unveiled. Inform your audience about the official start of this course wherever possible. This work, along with our promotional activities, will help a lot in introducing the course.


Get your share

You can always get all detailed information about your course/courses in your panel. Get your share of the revenue (based on the payment method mentioned in contract) from the courses.


Improving the content

Get your course reports online from your panel. Your course will remain on the website until it meets the audience's favor. The cycle of updating and improving the course can be an infinite cycle; which indubitably will be useful.