Along with its wonderful achievements, modernity has also caused some inadequacies due to its standardization that tries to put everything in predetermined formats. We want to learn from other people, to become more capable, to be more efficient, but we have stayed away from an ancient influential factor; EXPERIENCED PERSONS.

If you have ever written a course syllabus in your field, you will definitely understand what we are talking about: Very small points that can affect a big process. Tips that are not included in an educational text, due to being too subtle or not being always effective.

Symphony orchestra players know that despite the fact that all the notes played by different masters are the same, each of them has its own special tone. BI-Shift has seen this gap and to cover it, it has thought of a systematic experience transfer, which requires finding experienced people who are not only university professors or lecturers, but also as Mentors, share their work based experience with others.


Accordingly, a personal instructor in BI-Shift fits in one of these three categories:

- As a professor who did not find the academic framework suitable for the transfer of some specific skills and preferred to use this platform to disseminate the knowledge and skills at his disposal.

- As a well-known person in a specific field of work whose credibility is derived from His/Her previous activities among national or international audiences.

- As an unsung person who has acquired one or a set of distinctive and special experiences, and the editors of BI-Shift believe that despite his lack of fame, his presentations can help a certain range of audiences.

How can we be together?

If you think you belong to one of these three categories, contact us. We are eager to stand next to you in sharing your precious experiences with others. And beyond this, if you would like to introduce such people to us, we would greatly appreciate it. Use the forward options for this purpose:

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