Visiting the real work environment, being in the atmosphere of an organization, hearing the story of its formation and maturity, etc. can give us experiences that we may have to spend a lot of time to acquire. This has made business tours helpful to people. But on the other hand, due to various reasons such as distance problem, costs of offline business tours, external problems such as coronavirus, visa and transfer problems, etc. offline tours are not accessible for all people. In addition to offline tours, BI-Shift also provides online tours for people who are looking for it.

Maybe we could not think of conducting online business tours before, but now, thanks to technology, and the growth of online education during these years, this is possible. Bi-Shift hold various tours in which the representatives of each company present their experiences to their audiences.


  • Two-way commumication with the provider
  • Ability to setup customized courses
  • Subject-oriented courses
  • Certificate of attendance


This pckage inculdes a Real-time tour with company guide, a 360 degrees business tour and also different courses provided by the company. The whole package will redesign all the time to cover different needs of the attendees.


Bellow is a list of available online tours:



For furthur information or setup customized tours you can contact us easily via this link.